Nordblast NB28-1 Professional

The Nordblast NB 28-1 Professional sodablasting device is designed for gentle removal of impurities and paint. The NB 28-1, manufactured in Finland is made of high-quality components intended for professional use. In is design, special attention has been paid to ease of use.

The NB 28-1 is manufactured in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Decree, and the device has been granted CE approval as proof that it meets the safety requirements of EU legislation.

Its scope of application comprises, for example, renovation of real estate facades, car body work, descaling boat hulls, restoration work, repair of damage and industrial cleaning.

Properties of the NB 28-1:

Precise adjustment of blasting medium.
Remote control of blasting process and blasting medium flow.
Integrated air dryer and water trap.
Compact size.
Manufactured using acid-proof steel parts.
Water pump for wet blasting.
Air outlet in the blast helmet.
Lifting lugs.
Possible to use several different blasting media: Soda, glass bead, sand, corn.
The ready-for-blasting delivery includes:

the NB 28-1 blasting device, the blasting and air supply hoses with couplings, the 8-mm nozzle and the filling funnel.