Possible fields of application of the equipment

Principally, sodablasting is applied to removing paint or impurities from boat hulls, cars or buildings, as well as cleaning production lines or components within the industries. A few possible objects have been listed below pointing out why just sodablasting is such a beneficial method for these objects.


We recommend sodablasting for removal of antifoulants.


  • Speed
  • Easy for the customer; saves time and effort
  • Soda is gentle and does not damage the Gelcoat-surface
  • The method is suitable for glass-fibre, aluminium, steel or wooden boats.


The sodablasting method is applied by rally enthusiasts, car paint shops, restorers and car repair shops.

Sodablasting has a lot of benefits when it comes to tuning cars.

  • Soda neither warms up nor stretches the sheet metal.
  • Paint and dirt can be removed gently even from awkward places.
  • Minimal need for shielding. Soda does not damage glass, rubber or plastic.
  • Time-saving in grinding work.


Graffiti and its removal is a big problem; by applying sodablasting, graffiti can be removed from most objects even in the cold of winter. Using soda, paint can be removed from around window frames without damaging the glass. Depending on the surface material and the composition of the paint, soda and other blasting media are being used for blasting large-sized facades.